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Recent Devotionals
Jesus Said Repent or Perish!
Thoughts on My Mortality
The Tempest Stilled
Peter's Mother-in-law Healed
Healing the Nobleman's Son
Gracious Words From the Master
Do All in the Name of Jesus-
Thoughts of the Incarnation
Only Two Kinds of People-
The Word of God is Alive and Powerful
Let us Number Our Days
The Sincere Milk of the Word
They That Wait Upon the Lord
The Publican and the Sinner
Jesus' High Priestly Prayer
Something's Gotta Give!- Audio
Bow Now, Rather Than Later!
I Wonder How Jesus Feels? Audio
The Forgetfulness of God- Audio
The Anointing
I Am Persuaded!
A Letter From the Past
He Did Come Down!
No Condemnation in Christ Audio
The Peace of God
All Hail King Jesus
Being Conformed to the Image of Christ
Perilous Times!
That I May Know Him
Behold What Manner of Love
The Name of Jesus
A Word in Season Audio
  Infallable Proofs of the Resurrection
Run the Race With Patience
Ordained To Bring Forth Fruit
Levi's Feast
 Lordship Demands Servanthood
Jesus the Prince of Peace -- Audio 
Be Ye Thankful
Gracious Words from the Master Audio 
Come Up Hither!
A Living Sacrifice - Part 2
A Living Sacrifice - Part 1
The Magnificat of Mary
Somethings Gotta Give! Audio
By Faith Moses Made a Choice Audio
Where is the Peace of God?
Do We Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk?
Gracious Words From the Master
Behold the Bridegroom Cometh!
A Special Moment
The Power of the Gospel
Looking to Jesus - Audio
The Parable of the Mustard Seed
The Battle is the Lord's
Conformed to the Image of Christ
Once I Was Blind But Now I See
All Hail King Jesus
God's Great Gift of Forgetfulness - Audio
Judgment - Part 2
A Satirical Look at Judgment - Part 1
Have You Ever Watched the Birds?
Happy New Year

Thoughts on the Promises of God
  The Promise of a Redeemer
  The Promise of Resurrection
  Promises to the Faithful and the Unfaithful
  Promises to the Humble
  The Promise of Answered Prayers
  The Promise of Seeing God, Face to Face
  The Promise of the Sufficiency of God’s Grace
  Promises of Jesus to Overcomers

Thoughts on the book of Ephesians
  We are Accepted in the Beloved - Audio
Redemption Through the Blood of Jesus Audio
  The Holy Ghost, Guarantees Our Inheritance - Audio
  The Knowledge of Him - Audio
  Saved by Grace Through Faith - Audio
  Christ Our Cornerstone - Audio
  The Depths of the Love of Christ - Audio
  Keeping the Unity of the Spirit - Audio
  We Are All Given Spiritual Gifts - Audio
  Jesus Placed the Ministry in His Church - Audio
  Put On The New Man - Audio
  Slaves For Christ - Audio
  The Whole Armor of God - Audio

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Featured Bible Studies

All Hail King Jesus   ALL Hail King Jesus!

Lordship  Lordship Demands Servanthood!

On the Road to Jericho  On the Road to Jericho

The Cross The Cross of Jesus

The Gates of Hell  The Gates of Hell

The Kingdom The Kingdom of God

Keep Looking Up  The Sermon on the Mount

Waters of Life  The Waters of Life

The Word The Word of God

Praise   Praise

Pressing Towards the Mark   Pressing Towards the Mark

Reflections   Reflections

Submission  Submission

That I May Know Him  That I may Know Him!

The Blood The Blood: From Gen. To Rev.

The Blood The Blood of Jesus

This? or That?  Is it This? or Is it That?

Songs of the Church

A Crimson Stream
Bishop G.T. Haywood -- Public Domain

Amazing Grace
John Newton - Public Domain

Are You Washed in the Blood?
Crosby/Doane - Public Domain

Fill My Way With Love
George Sebren - Public Domain

Glory To His Name
Hoffman/Stockton - Public Domain
MP3 Download

Gospel Chorus Medley

Grace Greater Than Our Sin
Johnston/Towner PD

Great is Thy Faithfulness
Words; Thomas O. Chisholm - Music: William M. Runyan
© 1923, Ren. 1951 Hope Publishing Co, Carol Stream IL, 60188 (ASCAP)

Have You Any Time For Jesus?
Teasley/Erickson -- Public DomainMP3

Experimental: Setting Up a New Youtube Channel

Left: I'm Looking For Jesus -- Rt: All Because

More MP3 Songs on our Audio Page

Our Original Songs

All Because
Copyright © 2006 Claude D. Spooner
MP3 Download

In Spite All of This!
Copyright © 2006 Claude D. Spooner
RealAudio  MP3 Download

I Just Don't Get It
Copyright © 2003 Claude D. Spooner
Real Audio   MP3 Download

I'll Never Cease To Tell The Old Story
Copyright © 2002 Claude D. Spooner
Real Audio   MP3 Download

My God, My King and My Redeemer
Copyright © 2001 Claude D. Spooner
Real Audio MP3 Download

Wash Me and Cleanse Me
Copyright © 2001 Claude D. Spooner
Real Audio   MP3 Download

I'm Looking For Jesus
Copyright © 2001 Claude D. Spooner
Real Audio   MP3 Download

The Fountain of Blood
Copyright © 2001 Claude D. Spooner
Real Audio   MP3 Download

Download the above 6 songs as 1 file.

More Bible Studies

Expository Studies:
Thoughts on the Life of Christ
Thoughts on Faith - Hebrews 11
Thoughts on the I AMs of Jesus
Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer
Thoughts on the book of Romans
Thoughts on the book of Ephesians
Thought on the book of Philippians
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Audio Sermons

The Name Above Every Name
by the late Pastor Bill Lobbs

Pastor Bill's Nuggets of Truth

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The purpose of About-Him.Com is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ whom we preach as the Almighty God manifest in the flesh. It is our desire that everything presented on these pages increases your faith in our God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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